Richard Dun

Richard Dun

NYS Associate Real Estate Broker

Richard stands out as a NYS Real Estate Broker in the Staten Island market, currently sitting as a Director on SIBOR’s board and Treasurer of the Imperial Towers Condo Board. Today, he is a Certified International Property Specialist focused on selling residential real estate and distressed property working at the American Homes Group.

A true techie at heart, he has introduced 3D virtual tours to the Staten Island market. Starting his career as an assistant property manager in Manhattan, he then became licensed as a residential appraiser apprentice. After receiving his real estate license he worked on a team in Manhattan (Rowen Skeg @ Bond) that focused on rentals and investment sales

Sold Listings

Address Type Beds Baths Price Date
25 CURTIS PLACE, # House 3 2 $515,000 09/2018
16 Doe Place, # House 4 3 $379,000 06/2018

Rented Listings

Address Type Beds Baths Price Date
19 Silver Lake Road, # House 4 2 $4,000 07/2018
August 2017 by bladekata 16 , Highly likely to recommend , Gowanus
Richard is the constant professional any question is answered, any potential problem is addressed. To say I''m satisfied with his service would be an understatement because it doesn''t say how excellent he is. Very very good.I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional broker. Thank you for an excellent experience.

May 2017 by petercharlesnix , Down-to-Earth , Staten Island
I met Rich at an open house, and later asked him to represent me after attending around 30 open houses on my own and meeting many agents. Rich is down-to-earth and never tried to pressure me to do anything I was uncomfortable with. He''s been extremely helpful throughout all stages of the process and even after the sale was complete. I am a first time buyer and have relied on him immeasurably. He has helped me in many ways that honestly don''t fall within his job description, and has been a reliable source of information and informed opinion regarding all stages of the process. I''ve also relied on his extensive network to find contractors, cleaners, lawyers, etc. who have also been excellent.

May 2017 by Jo-Anne & Kenrick Marques , Above & Beyond , Mariners Harbor
First I must say something about myself I can be a bit difficult to deal with. So I take my hat off to Richard for being more than patient with my situation. I must say Richard went above & beyond what I expected of a realtor. I have spoken so highly of him & have given his info to anyone I know who is looking for housing. Richard is very knowledgeable & helpful even on a personal level which I appreciated. I must say anyone who Richard is assisting will be more than happy as I was and still is. I''m a first time home buyer and I have so much more knowledge because of Richard informing me and answering ALL my questions no matter how many times I''ve asked them I got the info needed in terms that I understood. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING you''ve done in assisting us in our purchase me and my husband could not have don''t it without you in the short time that we had... Jo-Anne & Kenrick Marques

February 2017 by cr otmopo3ok , Different From Most Real Estate Agents. , Arrochar
We are first time home buyers, and we chose Richard to be our real estate agent for the process. Richard is very different from most real estate agents we have met so far, he is understanding, good listener, and he works very fast. He asks questions and gets to know his clients and what they are looking for. He follows the market very closely, and schedules appointments quickly. In addition, any house that is currently on the market that I wanted to see, he was able to get us into the same day. Richard was on our side throughout the process, scheduling visits, negotiating with the sellers, attorneys, home inspectors and plumbers. Any problem that comes up, Richard is always there to help us resolve it – before we know it, he’s already on his phone dialing plumbers and electricians for consultation, and looking up similar houses. We could not have asked for a more professional, knowledgeable and friendly real estate agent. Thanks to Richard's good intuition and fast communication we were able to close within 60 days! Thank you Richard from Alesia and V. !!

February 2017 by nycars123 , Honest & Knowledgable , Great Kills
Richard and Tanisha were fantastic!
I would highly recommend them to anybody, they were very knowledgable and most importantly they were honest. I could not ask for a better team, they stayed in close contact with me throughout the whole process and kept me updated, they got me top dollar for my house. It is nice to see such professionalism still exists. Thank you so much for everything.

February 2017 by cyl45 ta , Extremely Confident , West Brighton
Richard is someone I immediately took a liking to. He knows his turf well and he is extremely confident of what he can do for his clients. I listed my house with him with complete confidence and he delivered. I could not ask for a better agent.

Millenials and Real Esate

Published 11/01/2016 - By Bust Barriers to Working With Millennials

Here they come: the generation raised on technology. They’re skilled at texting, taking selfies, and doing online research. And now they outnumber than the once dominant baby boomer generation.

Millennials are those currently in their early 20s to late 30s. Some long-time real estate professionals may find it hard to connect with this emerging generation, which has a reputation of being ”unmotivated and self-centered.” Yet, you may not realize that your values, motivations, and path of self-discovery are likely very similar.

I was fortunate to be part of a panel of millennial-aged real estate pros at the Staten Island Board of REALTORS® 2016 Global Real Estate Summit and Expo in September, charged with helping uncover this paradigm shift in real estate. So let’s “spill the tea” on what was shared to help your brokerage more effectively reach all generations, particularly millennials.

If you are part of the silent generation, baby boomers, or Generation X, you may remember a time when the generations before you did not understand your choice of musical “noise” or the new ideas you employed to excel along your individual journey. There was a time not long ago it was novel to go to college, own a computer, or — in the case of women — seek career a career outside of being a homemaker. Those glass ceilings have been shattered by the strides of each successive generation (thank you).

Today’s youngest generation of adults are shattering the limits on access to information, and the ability to connect and communicate. Yes, these have been disruptors for the classic real estate methods of the 20th century, but that doesn’t mean the profession is becoming extinction. In fact, in some ways this new generation might be more inclined to seek professional help to accomplish their real estate goals than others.

According to the National Association of REALTORS® 2016 Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends report, 89 percent of millennials — more than any other generation — decided to use a real estate professional in their home search last year. Of course, you don’t want your brokerage missing out on that business. So, check out these five methods to help you successfully grow this segment of your clientele, as well as recruit more millennials to your office.

1. Define your value beyond being a generic information gatekeeper.

During the discussion, panelist Michael Oppler, vice president of Prominent Properties Sotheby’s International Realty in Northern New Jersey and 2016 chair of NAR’s Strategic Thinking Advisory Committee, reminded everyone that before the internet, real estate transactions required agents and firms to index and catalog properties available for sale and lease on paper. That meant real estate firms were the information gatekeepers for homes for sale.

But now that information is widely available in just a few clicks, we have to communicate the numerous intangibles that are not — skills and knowledge that only you and your agents possess. To connect with more millennial clients, explain the nuances and market knowledge that you bring to the table as someone who can advocate on their behalf.

“Millennials recognize that they need an advocate with experiential knowledge, skills, and resources to guide them through a complex and unique process, something apps and algorithms cannot deliver,” Oppler said.

Panelist Jennifer C. Chan, sales associate at Prominent Properties Sotheby’s International Realty, succinctly said, “[Millennials] want the inside scoop, not the things we can Google.” As a broker, you can give millennials (and really all clients and team members) the advantage by understanding and effectively navigating the nuances of working with various cooperating brokers, builders, developers, appraisers, inspectors, and other parties to the transaction. When you show how you can help others win, you win too.

2. Authentic connections beat age.

Age really is just a number. One’s age does not automatically give insight into the ability to broker a real estate deal or connect with a potential buyer or seller. Chan said, “Relationships are everything with colleagues and clients alike. Millennials aren’t choosing REALTORS® or business partners based on their age but based on their ability to feel a connection.” Let’s remember to connect with people based on aspects of their individuality that resonate with you, be it shared hobbies, school affiliations, fashion sense, or other common interests. With each new potential millennial client or recruit, try to find common ground and ask yourself what connections you can make.

3. Put their worries to rest.

Are millennials in your market trembling “on the fence” or too afraid to take the plunge? This may not be due to a fear of commitment. It’s more likely due to an unfamiliarity with the sales process and uncertainty thanks to the excess of inaccurate information online. Stir in college debt, and it’s no wonder parental basements have been a welcomed respite. To this point, Chan shared, “Millennials like to be portable. It is widely assumed that it’s because they can’t commit to a job or to a place to live, but often times it’s based on necessity. In many cases, millennials are priced out of where they live or there’s a lack of opportunity for growth in their careers.”

Yet brokers and their agents have the information to eliminate these home ownership hurdles. Help millennials understand that there is no shame in documented gifts or parental help. Teach them that 20 percent down is not required for all home loans. Your knowledge and experience can enlighten this generation on ways to make a home purchase affordable. For example, you’ve probably worked with investors. If so, you can help newcomers to real estate. Panelist Jessica Peters, a top-producing team leader with Douglas Elliman in Brooklyn, N.Y., uses her experience working with investors as a way to help millennials understand how property ownership can both give them a home and income. She says helping the millennials figure out the fundamentals of real estate investing can raise brokers’ “stock value” in their eyes, leading to happy clients and heartfelt referrals.

4. Sync your communication style.

Millennials like texts for short communication and emails for the details, but they like face-to-face communication as well. As Dun said: “I prefer text and email for the same reasons: documenting and creating a timeline.” Plus, if you have a packed schedule, texting can be a convenient way to still make contact.

5. Resist treating millennials like children.

You may have children, nieces, nephews, younger siblings, or others in your life who are millennials and may be tempted to relate to younger prospective clients as you would your youthful loved ones. Don’t. Separate your familial relationships from your business associations, even if “Seller Sue” looks just like your grandbaby. Instead, if you’ve ever experienced not being taken seriously, remember that feeling and do not inflict it on others.

“Treat millennials as partners and try to collaborate with them,” said panel moderator Richard Dun, associate broker at the American Homes Group on Staten Island. “Do not speak down to them like they are your children.” Relationships of all types tend to suffer when the parties do not feel like equals. Millennials should show you respect, but you should also be willing to return the favor.

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