How Do We Determine Your List Price?

April 3, 2018 | By Mary Hayes

When you list your property with American Homes Group, one of the best ways the brokerage can determine the asking price is to review comparable sales. Have you noticed what other properties similar to yours is selling for? We deep dive into our databases to discover the best asking price that would get you the best price and entice buyers.


Here are our top five criteria we check off when reviewing sales comparisons on your property.

1. Location! Location! Location! Properties in the same neighborhood usually follow the same market trends. American Homes Group will compare your property to others in the neighborhood and then will redefine our search to properties on the same block or surrounding blocks.

2. Closing Dates: The date of sale is key when reviewing comparables.  American Homes Group will take the most recent sales data available, ranging from 30 - 90 days to get the most accurate reading.

3. Database:  American Homes Group is a proud member of the Staten Island Multiple Listing Service, Brooklyn Multiple Listing Service, and the Real Estate Board of New York. As a member of these multiple listing services, we have the best comparable tools at our fingertips and can instantly gather data to gage the best listing price for your property.

4. Home Build: What year was your house built? Does it share similar architectural styles to any properties that sold in recent history? These are criteria to consider as well as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, and other basic dimensions.  American Homes Group will also explore any upgraded and improved features your property may have to ensure the best listing price for you.

5. Sales Types:  American Homes Group will take into consideration properties sold in auctions, short sales, or foreclosures which are often in distress and sold at a lower price.


If you need to sell your property, land, or estate,  American Homes Group will work with you to get your property sold fast and for top dollar. Call today 718-981-3400.