Tips to Avoid Scams in Real Estate

December 2, 2016 | By Ron Molcho

Tips to Avoid Scams in Real Estate

Regardless of age, experience, or location, people get duped in reale state scams. American Homes Group has been in the industry for 20 years helping people recover from falling into traps and finding real property. Keep these reminders close to you to prevent being a victim of a scam.

Always make sure your agent is a licensed Realtor.

Always have your lawyer nearby when signing any contracts and making agreements. If your realtor encourages you to make any deals without a lawyer present, you shouldn’t continue with the transaction.

Remember, if you find a property on a free site such as Craigslist; always refer to MLS to verify the listing.

Never make any payments in cash. An illegitimate realtor will push for you to pay in cash because the transaction can easily be traced with a check.

Never send money to a realtor to put a sale on hold. Its necessary to make deposits during the buying process, but risky to make payments to a realtor you haven’t met or unable to confirm that they are a licensed realtor.

Never trust a Rent-to-Own advertisement. These are the top scams targeted towards desperate renters who aren’t able to put a down payment on a home.